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Victoria Ladies Salon Brazilian Hair Protein Treatment Training/Demo

We had the chance to showcase our Brazilian Keratin treatment & Hair Protein Treatment to this newly opened Ladies Salon located inAl Bakhit Center - Unit G04 - Abu Baker Al Siddique Rd - Deira - Dubai. We first did the Brazilian Keratin Treatment Demonstration on their Moroccan staff which served as our model . The products we used was Detai Reconstrutor- Brazilian keratin treatment.

Here is the result of the Demonstration.

Detai Reconstrutor-Brazilian keratin treatment before and after:

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Right After the Brazilian keratin treatment demonstration, the owner of the salon requested for another demonstration which is our Brazilian Hair Protein Treatment product. We did grant her request since she already had purchase the product we used from the first demonstration which was Detai Resonstrutor. 

The Model for this brazilian hair protein treatment was the owner herself . Since the model has highlighted hair, We ought to use the Blondpro Brazilian hair protein treatment which is the best product for her hair.

Here is the result of the Demonstration

Blondpro-Brazilian hair protein treatment before and after:

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