Brazilian Hair Keratin Treatment

Brazilian Keratin Treatment Detai Reconstrutor

Brazilian Keratin Treatment  Detai Reconstructor: Rich in vitamins B5, premium oils such as Argan oil and keratin to provide the best hair straightening action. Also, keeping the hair with its day to day natural vitamins and oils. Detai Keratin contains D-panthenol which helps the hair to repair itself and shine. 

How is Detai Reconstrutor developed?

Was specially developed with the most modern formula, with the castor oil which is rich in active ricinoleic acid that promotes benefits to the hair strands, as well as the strengthening of the strands avoiding the loss of hair with the combination of the Tacoma oil that promotes nutrition to the strands, forming this way an oil complex rich in vitamin E, minerals, proteins, Omega 6 & 9. This product is indicated to capilar treatment, joined to the maximum volume reduction which is provided by the exclusive blend HZS

DETAI ComplexTM  ,and offering nutrition, capilar regeneration, brightness and softness desired. The combination of the active ingredients results in a big hair volume reduction, highly treated and simply gorgeous

Here a sample of the Brazilian Keratin Treatment before and after  done from of the Salon who did the training and purchased the product.