How To Use MasterPro Brazilian Hair Protein, Keratin and Botox

How To Use MasterPro Brazilian Hair Protein, Keratin and Botox

Step 1 Preparing

Wash Your Hair Twice Thoroughly With a Clarifying Shampoo To Remove Any Product Buildup and Open The Hair Cuticles, Do Not Use a Conditioner After Washing.

We Recommend you MasterPro Clarifying Shampoo.


Step 2 Drying

Dry The Hair With Cold Air and Without Brushing

To Keep The Hair Cuticles Open.

The Hair Should Be Dry 100%.


Step 3 Applying

Put On Gloves To Protect Your Hands. Start Applying The Product Treatment With An Applicator Brush, Ensuring Even Distribution From Roots To Ends. Avoid The Scalp To Prevent Irritation.


Step 4 Product to Penetrate

Allow The Product Treatment To Penetrate The Hair For The Specified Time Mentioned in The Product Instructions. MasterPro Products Ranges from 40 To 50 Minutes.


Step 5 Washing

Wash The Hair With Water Only To Clear 50 To 70% Of The Product.


Step 6 Drying

Using a Blow Dryer, Dry Your Hair Completely. Make Sure To Use a Medium Heat Setting And Direct The Air Flow Down The Hair Shaft To Seal In The Treatment.


Step 7 Flat Ironing

Divide Your Hair Into Small Sections, Use a Flat Iron To Seal In The Protein, Keratin. This Step Helps To Lock In the Treatment And Create A Smooth, Straight Finish.


For Each Hair Thread You Have To Iron It 12 To 15 Times.


Step 8 Water and Styling

Usually You Have To Avoid Washing The Hair For ( 48-72 hours) After The Treatment.

BUT: With MasterPro Products You Can Wash Your Hair Right Away After The Treatment Without Effecting The Result.


Step 9 Recommendations

Use Sulfate-Free Shampoos And Conditioners To Maintain The Longevity Of The Treatment. Sulfates Can Strip The Treatment From Your Hair After Washing

We Recommend you MasterPro Conditioner and Shampoo.


Thank You

If you Have Any Questions Or Would Like Further Clarification, Please Don't Hesitate To Reach out.

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