BB Cream All in one |Leave in Spray| MasterPro| 200 ml

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BB Cream All in one |Leave in Spray 200ML

• PANTHENOL (VITAMIN B5): Ensures moisturizing effect and damage prevention by improving the conditioning dry and damaged hair, reducing the formation of split ends. Beyond. In addition, the use of PANTHENOL on the scalp also promotes faster hair growth. Hair, as the restorative action makes the strands stronger and thicker.

SOFT SILICONES that provide shine, protection, softness while maintaining the lightness of the threads.

 10 Benefits

1. Repairs dry and damaged hair: it has moisturizing and conditioning agents that improve the texture and suppleness of the threads

2. Controls frizz: in dry or wet weather, it protects against environmental aggressions and prevents the hair bristle.

3. Protects from the heat of the dryer and flat iron: it forms a film around the hair fiber , protecting it from high temperatures.

4. Softens and leaves a satiny touch: it has powerful conditioning agents, softening and controlling.

5. Protects from the sun and maintains color: extremely light, protects without weighing hair down. avoid the oxidation caused by the sun that causes color to fade.

6. Makes brushing and flat ironing easier: with softer, smoother hair, it makes it easier to glide the board and brush.

7. Untangles: leaves the strands loose and untangled.

8. Keeps the hairstyle longer.

9. Prevents split ends

10. Controls the natural volume of the hair How to use: Apply to damp hair, like a spray, spraying 20cm away; or apply to dry hair,, spraying in the hand and spreading, like a crème

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